Turbokill Automotive Security System – RFID

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Our RFID system is our best security system that we offer. It uses the latest RFID technology that employs an RFID chip, which holds a unique code, that is read by the control module. This is done when you swipe the key tag on the sensor that is hidden behind the plastic dash. If the control module recognizes, then it will allow your car to turn on. If it doesn't recognize it, your car won't start. After a short while (about 1 minute), the system re-sets automatically, without you doing anything, and continues to protect your vehicle. Key Features: - hidden sensor - uses RFID technology - will only work with the key tags that are programmed into the module - strong sensor, can pass through 3/4" plastic - comes with complete set of instructions - hardware and connectors included - full 2 year warranty on all parts - unique design makes it hard for thieves to figure out - can store up to 24 key tags ** There is a way to disconnect Turbo-Kill in case you ever loose your key tags or if you are having your car serviced and don't want anyone to know about Turbo-Kill. **


  • hidden RFID sensor
  • will only work with the programmed key tags
  • comes with complete set of instructions
  • hardware and connectors are included
  • full 2 year warranty against defect



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