Stoneridge EZ-ELD – EZ-ELD Solution Electronic Logging Device

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  • 100% COMPLIANT WITH THE NEW FMCSA REGULATIONS: The EZ-ELD is FMCSA-certified to provide total control of your compliance obligations. Stoneridge is a well-known public company that has been an OEM parts supplier to the trucking and automotive industries for over a decade. This ELD has been extensively tested and certified to insure that it will fully comply with all regulations now and in the future, and that your drivers will easily be able to pass a roadside inspection.
  • MULTIPLE ADAPTERS FOR EASY SWITCHING BETWEEN VEHICLES: This is the ONLY ELD solution with interchangeable truck connectors, so the device can be transferred between any driver and vehicle with a 9-pin, 6-pin or OBDII OBD port. The package includes four adapters, so you can easily plug the device into any vehicle or quickly switch the ELD to and from any truck in your fleet. The EZ-ELD is also tamper resistant for enhanced security, even when changing vehicles.
  • VERY EASY TO SET-UP AND INSTALL: The Stoneridge EZ-ELD has a unique "Scan and Drive" truck and driver pairing system that allows the driver to simply scan the QR code on the device when they get in the truck. The FREE mobile app is available for both Apple iOS and Android devices. The EZ-ELD features quick and easy plug-and-play installation and a simple, intuitive user interface for drivers via mobile apps on their smart phones.
  • POWERFUL BACK OFFICE FEATURES TO MANAGE YOUR FLEET: The EZ-ELD allows the office to monitor, control, report and comply with the new standards for driver service hours. But it also has a host of other features that help you run your fleet more efficiently. The web-based back office software lets fleet managers see the vehicle's location in real-time, plus speed, odometer, fuel efficiency, engine alerts and more. Of course, each EZ-ELD provides full HOS, IFTA and DVIR reporting.
  • LOW COST OF OWNERSHIP & ADDED VALUE: As the new FMCSA regulations change & evolve, your EZ-ELD will stay updated along with the government's policies. The firmware automatically updates and adds new features as they become available, so your EZ-ELD will be even more powerful and compliant in the future. Legal and product support are included no extra charge. Note: Each truck requires a device plus a subscription (details on the subscription can be found below). *COPYRIGHT TRUCKNTOW.COM INC. 2017



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