Rockford Fosgate Prime R250-1 250 Watt Mono Amplifier

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Product Description
Since day one, we have spearheaded the car audio revolution. Nothing has changed. Rockford Fosgate is still the global leader in audio innovation and your passion is our purpose. We engineer the best audio systems for your lifestyle!
The PRIME R250-1 amplifier is a great mono amplifier in a compact chassis and respectable power output making it perfect for a center channel speaker in a 5.1 surround sound system. The R250-1 mono output design also makes it great for running a pair of 8" or 10" 4-ohm SVC subwoofers wired in parallel. The included Remote Punch Level Control corrects for any acoustic anomalies in the automobile environment, making certain that bass notes sound deep and rich.

Rockford Fosgate Prime Series Amplification

A new generation of performance geared toward the "novice" car audio enthusiast or first time buyer. The Prime series amplifiers feature legendary Rockford Fosgate power, controls, and functions while fitting into any budget. Now more than ever, it's easy to get Rockford Fosgate amplifier DNA into your car audio system.

Rockford Fosgate amplification at an unbelievable value.
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R250-1 Features

Power and Protect LEDs
The Protect LED illuminates if a short circuit or to low of an impedance is detected at the speaker connections. The amplifier will automatically shut down if this occurs.

RCA Input Jacks
The industry standard RCA jacks provide an easy connection for signal level input. They are nickel-plated to resist the signal degradation caused by corrosion.

RCA Pass-Thru Jacks
This Pass-Thru provides a convenient source for daisy-chaining an additional amplifier without running an extra set of RCA cables from the front of the vehicle to the rear amplifier location.

Gain Control
The input gain control is preset to match the output of most source units.

Phase Switch
Allows you to select the output phase of the amplifier between 0 degrees and 180 degrees.

Variable Low Pass Crossover
Determine which frequencies you feed your subs with the built-in 12dB/octave Butterworth filter, with a crossover point variable from 40Hz to 130Hz.

Punch Bass
This is an adjustable Bass level control centered at 45Hz @ 12dB/octave.

Remote Punch Level Control
When connected, the "Gain Control" is linked and allows you to remotely control the output level of the amplifier from the dash or center console.

R250-1 Specifications

Number of Channels:1
Rated Power:150 Watts RMS x 1 @ 4-Ohms
250 Watts RMS x 1 @ 2-Ohms
Total Power:250 Watts
Dynamic Power:285 Watts
Efficiency (average):66.1% @ 4-Ohm
58% @ 2-Ohm
Crossover Controls:Low Pass (LP): 40Hz-130Hz @ 12dB/octave Butterworth
Tone Controls:Punch Bass: 0dB to +12dB @ 45Hz
Signal Input:Low Level: 1 RCA pair
Signal Output:Low Level: 1 RCA pair
Power Input Connector:Screw terminal barrier strip
Power Wire Gauge:4 AWG
Speaker Output Connector:Screw terminal barrier strip
Speaker Wire Gauge:8 AWG
Heat Sink Type:Extruded aluminum
Remote Controls:Punch Level Control
(when connected, is linked to "gain control" to provide remote output level)
Visual Indicators:Power
Circuit Topology Class:Class A/B
Frequency Response:20Hz to 20kHz +/- 1dB
Shipping Weight:TBA
Dimensions (HxWxL):2.40 x 7.67 x 11.54 (in)
6.10 x 19.49 x 29.30 (cm)

Thirty Years of Rockford Fosgate

Rockford Fosgate products have been designed and engineered in Tempe, Arizona since the beginning. Rockford's 30 year reputation is grounded in engineering and manufacturing some of the finest audio products in the world. The company's no-compromise approach has yielded patented iconic products such as the Punch EQ, Punch 45 amplifier and the 3Sixty integrated signal processor. Today, Rockford's new products push the performance envelope even further. Each new product is a step forward--they sound bigger, they play louder, and run longer. Rockford never settles for "good enough."

The 2010 product line represents the company's core philosophy. Rockfords new amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers have raised the bar on the competition.

What's in the Box

Rockford Fosgate Prime R250-1 250 Watt Mono Amplifier, User's Manual

Need More Amp?

Step up to the Punch Series P300-1 or the Power Series T500-1BDCP for more advanced multi-channel amps, or check out the many other Rockford options.

Rockford Fosgate Prime Series Amplification

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  • Mono amplifier delivers 250 watts at 2 ohms, 150 watts at 4 ohms
  • Variable low pass crossover with 12dB/octave slope and 40Hz to 130Hz crossover point
  • Punch Bass adjustable bass level control of 0 to +12 dB centered at 45Hz
  • RCA inputs for signal level input and pass-through jacks for system building
  • The input gain control is preset to match the output of most source units



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