Kingneed GPS Vehicle Speed Head-Up Display, Speedometer Tracker with driving time and distance display.

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2015 New KingNeed GPS Tracker is Head-up display speedometer which keep your eyes on the road and know your true speed with Vehicle Driving Speed Display/Green Color speed display/easy on your eye.

Easy Setup, Plug & Play
Power through Vehicle Cigarette Outlet Jack No professional installation is required.
Compatible with all kind of cars & trucks
No wiring needed to the VSS(vehicle speed signal).

Real and instance GPS Speedometer
the HUD can get the real vehicle speed from satellite quickly with enhanced GPS module.

Dual Display Mode
Project Display and Regular Display.

Green Light Display
Using the same technique as flight dashboard, Green light will let the driver more comfortable and protect the driver eyes, specially for long distance driving.

Driving time and distance calculate and display
Total driving time and distance display to let you know the key information for your trip.

Over speed warning
It will beep warning the driver when over speed.
Warranty: One Year
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  • Head Up display projects vehicle speed on windshield
  • Driving time and distance calculate and display
  • Easy Setup Plug&Play power through Vehicle USB outlet jack,no professional installation is required
  • Over speed warning setting--Alarm Mute Function.Over-speed warning:a 3 seconds alarm beep and keep flash display will keep warning driving
  • Auto adjust brightness thru sensor for Day & Night-time Driving+professional installation is required.



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