GSM Car Alarm System With Passwords Keyless Entry And GPS Online Tracking

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cardot 2017 new product PKE+GSM+GPS tracking+push start stop+remote start stop+car alarm+bypass output +passwords touch key pad supporting petrol or diesel car supporting manual or auto transmission car we won't send you mobile! mobile photo in the main picture only shows GSM and GPS feature! Model No:688TOY special remind: it is real 3G version!now many models are 2G versions in this market. please buy our 3G version if there is not 2G net in your country! also working is more efficient and stable! mobile APP basic features: APP lock car door APP unlock car door APP open trunk APP finding the car APP start engine APP stop engine APP GPS online location APP history record APP alarm information reminder Product Basic Functions: 1.Passive keyless entry 2.Push start stop engine 3.Remote start stop engine 4.Hopping code protection 5.handbrake auto checking 6.side door alarm 7.central lock automatication 8.remote open trunk 10.FHSS high security design 11.outside learning button 12.ultrasonic sensor output 13.supporting auto transmission or manual transmission car 14.supporting diesel or petrol car siren or +/- trunk direciton conneciton without adding any relays 16.passwords keyless entry without smart key remotes 17.outside learning button or emergency reset button 18.3D smart key remotes 19.3D pke antennas 20.fuel path wire connection or not by dip setting anti-hijacking mode 22.shock sensor alarm door flashing light 24.This product does not include ultrasonic sensor,if needs it add extra value !!! need to buy sim card in your country,product without sim card,thanks


  • mobile app control car,we won't send you mobile! mobile in the main unit is only for show!
  • mobile app lock or unlock car door,mobile start stop car engine.
  • mobile open trunk,searching the car.we won't send you any types of battery!when remote is broken;
  • Mute arm or alarm;remote open trunk,window rolling up output;
  • bypass output;ultrasonic sensor output;shock sensor alarm.



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